The Professional House Painter’s Guide to Painting Rooms

When it comes to having your house painted, you may be wondering whether there’s an order to the way things are completed. A professional house painter knows which rooms to paint first while saving others for last. It’s easy for painting contractors to plan out their day of painting based on what is most effective. If you’re ready to see a professional’s plan of action, check out the list below so you can see what kind of painting gets done in what order.

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Bathrooms and Bedrooms First

The first plan of action that a professional house painter looks for is to paint the bathrooms and bedrooms first. This is because it is easy to get them out of the way, allowing the home to appear clean and renewed even if the other rooms haven’t been painted yet. Plus, the bathroom can be ventilated to get rid of the smell of paint so your whole house doesn’t smell toxic for the next few days.

Kitchen and Living Room are the Middle Ground

Next, the painter will likely move on to painting the kitchen. After the bedrooms and bathrooms, this is one of the initial rooms that a painter will take care of so that you don’t have to worry about your appliances getting unplugged or your food going bad. This saves you from having to eat out for a week!

Laundry Room is Saved for Last

Lastly, a painter will start paying attention to your laundry room. If this room were painted first, then it runs the risk of having your clothes smell like paint for a week or more. Instead, make sure you do all of your laundries, then clear out of that space while the professional painter does his work. Make sure you have enough laundry to last you, however, as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with paint-smelling clothes.

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