The Process of HVAC Financing

No matter how efficient your heating and cooling system is, you will one day need to replace it. The unit starts off by breaking down, then as the repairs become too many, it becomes very expensive to repair the unit, so you are forced to replace it. HVAC systems cost a lot and this makes it impossible for many people to afford the cost of replacement upfront.

Financiers understand that not everyone has the money needed to repair, maintain or buy and install an HVAC system. Therefore, they have come up with services where they lend money to people to repair, maintain, or purchase and install the units. HVAC financing companies have requirements that fit people from a wide range of backgrounds and incomes. When you apply for financing, you are taken through a process to determine whether your request will be approved depending on your credibility.

*The first thing is to submit the loan application together with proof of income which includes pay stubs, bank account information, tax forms etc.

*The financial contractor then analyzes the information you have provided. As he does that, he also checks your current financial status and looks at your financial history

*If you are eligible for financing, you are requested for consultation. During the consultation, you will be offered different financial packages depending on your personal budget and the proposed equipment that you want to purchase.

*If your credit report does not appeal to the HVAC financing companies, you are not automatically rejected. You are requested to provide more evidence such as letters of reference that support your credit reliability.

*The process only takes a short time to be completed. The equipment and installations take place once you sign the necessary document.

Microf is a financing company that specializes in HVAC replacement/repair. Air conditioner services are not cheap, but our solutions help you get through the potentially difficult financial time. HVAC financing has very basic requirements, so do not be afraid to apply for our financing services at Microf. Contact us today for more details.


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