The Positive Impact of Electric Hand Dryers

Every so often, a new invention or device comes along that seems unremarkable at first glance, but over time, people begin to realize how much good it does. The motorized hand dryer that seemed to creep slowly into existence, and is now almost everywhere, may fall into that category of unforeseen benefactors of society.

Up until the introduction and widespread use of the automatic hand dryer in public restrooms, people did not have a hygienic way to dry their hands after washing. At first, public bathrooms featured a long towel looped over a spool that everyone shared to dry their hands. Naturally, this arrangement resulted in a less than ideal situation for maintaining sanitary conditions. Later, bathroom managers introduced paper towels, and the conditions improved slightly. At last, the widespread use of “no touch” hand dryers virtually eliminated the problem of unhealthy restroom environments.

Another way these modern devices have served humanity is by helping to reduce the number of trees harvested for use in paper towel manufacturing. Trees represent one significant natural resource that humankind cannot afford to lose. Anything that people can do to help reduce the unnecessary destruction of forests may help increase sustainability. Each automatic hand dryer in use in a public restroom contributes to reduced paper towel use and helps to save trees.

Finally, by cutting down on paper towel usage, hand dryers help relieve some of the pressure on the world’s landfills. Scientists express concern over the total amount of garbage that humans create. Continually expanding trash dumping areas can negatively affect ecosystems and precious natural resources like pure water. Before the advent of electric hand dryers, public restrooms were a significant source of paper trash that went directly to the garbage dump. Now, at least that portion of the world’s waste is no longer quite so problematic.

The ability to save money was probably what motivated companies to design and offer for sale devices that dry hands by blowing warm air. However, in the process of filling an economic need, the automatic hand dryer provided many more benefits to civilization. Visit the website for more information.

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