The Most Popular Moves That Are Using During A Merengue Dance In Humble TX

One of the most popular and fun styles of dancing is the Merengue, and its Latin flair allows it to pair well with upbeat music that can make any event fun and exciting. Individuals who have limited experience with dance are often intimidated by Merengue Dance Humble TX, but it can be mastered by learning a few basic moves. The following is a quick look at the most popular steps in this style of dance, and a brief overview of how they are completed.

The Latin Hold

The dance begins with a relatively simple stance that is known as the Latin dance hold. Partners face each other and the leading dancer places their right arm just below the partners left arm, which is set on the leading dance partners shoulder. The partners then interconnect their left and right hands respectively, and point them outwards, which is what determines the direction of the first step that is taken once the dance begins.

The March

After the hold is established, the partners then begin marching in place to the beat of the music. After the partners become more comfortable with this step, partners can change this stage of the dance up by choosing to extend their stride to their sides. No matter which direction the partners step it is essential that they mirror one another so that it looks like they are moving in tandem as they make their way across the dance floor.

Now Spin

The fun part of Merengue Dance Humble TX are the different spins that a couple can do while they are dancing. The most common is a one-handed, which occurs when the lead dancer places their hand above their partner and gently spins them in a circle. A two-handed spin is also fun and happens when the partners hold one another’s hands and turn together making sure to roll off each other’s backs.

The idea of learning to dance is overwhelming for some, but a professional dance school will make it a fun and exciting experience. Be sure to check out Fred Astaire Dance Studios and learn more about the vast array of dance classes they offer. Learning to own the dance floor may only be a few short lessons away.


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