The Most Popular and Least Favorite Traditional Toppings When It’s Time to Buy Pizza Online in Weston

Researchers seem to study practically everything, with the use of rigorous scientific study methods as well as more casual surveys of volunteer participants. One interesting topic is which pizza toppings are most and least popular nationwide and by state. When someone decides to Buy Pizza Online in Weston, the odds are pretty high that this person will choose at least one of the most popular toppings and won’t order certain other ingredients.

Favorite Toppings

Nationwide, pepperoni is the most loved pizza topping, although this doesn’t hold true in every state. In fact, in Florida, peppers are a favorite topping, which may surprise many people. First, the pepper is a vegetable, and second, Florida isn’t known for its residents’ love for spicy food. Also, when people think of vegetables on pizza, they are more likely to envision mushrooms and black olives. Nevertheless, this is what the results of at least one survey show. Interestingly, Florida respondents also show a strong preference for the plain cheese pizza as compared with residents of other states.

Least Favorite Toppings

In this country, anchovies and pineapple are the least favorites of the traditional pizza toppings. When a restaurant receives an order from someone who wants to Buy Pizza Online in Weston, the employees never expect that a customer will request those items. Nonetheless, many pizzerias still keep these ingredients in stock for the rare customer who does want a pizza covered in anchovies or a Hawaiian version with ham and fruit.

Additional Details of Interest

Women are twice as likely to order vegetable toppings as men are. Yet surveys show that men tend to go along with the veggie order as long as they can get pepperoni, sausage or Canadian bacon too. Half-and-half pizza orders are most commonly placed by a male and female duo, even if they aren’t a romantic couple.

Surveys find other information that employees with a restaurant like Ristorante & Pizzeria can probably verify. For instance, Saturday is the most frequent day that people eat pizza, especially at night. More than 90 percent of U.S. residents eat this food at least once a month. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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