The Most Common Symptoms That Indicate Issues With Residential Foundation Piers

Areas that are prone to unstable ground conditions can be a challenge for those in the construction industry. Standard foundations will not provide the solid footing needed to keep a house from shifting or collapsing, but the use of Residential Foundation Piers can be a viable substitute.

Most are rooted deep in the ground and are held in place by a mixture of concrete and rebar. This allows them to provide a solid footing while mitigating issues that are common with building on surfaces such as sand. While they provide years of solid footing, there are a few symptoms that are indicators of the need for repair.

Soft and Sagging Floor Boards

One of the most common problems associated with failing piers is the presence of sagging in a floor or the sudden onset of unexplainable soft spots. This typically occurs when a support shifts and no longer provides stable support for the floor joists of a home. Neglecting repair on an issue of this nature can cause other piers to move and lead to further damage and total collapse if not properly fixed.

Unusual Settling

Some settling is expected, but if it occurs suddenly and with minimal warning, it could be due to a faulty foundation. It is important to have the foundation inspected so the presence of cracks and crumbling concrete can be quickly identified and repaired. Don’t ignore sudden onset settling as it can lead to more serious damage and leave a structure unsafe for those who live in it.

Wall Separation

Though it is scary at first sight, the separation of walls at corner joints is a sure fire sign that the Residential Foundation Piers of a structure is no longer providing adequate support. This could indicate that a pier has failed, and is creating an excess strain on the remaining foundation components of the structure. Be sure to have the foundation pier restored before repairing the wall, as a settling of this nature can grow worse and create additional damage very quickly.

Don’t let foundation issues create unsafe living conditions and cause harm to those who live in a home. Contact Toledo Basement Repair and have one of their highly skilled technicians determine the exact cause of the problem and develop a plan to correct it once and for all.


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