The Many Features and Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding in Indianapolis

Vinyl and aluminum siding have long been popular choices for homeowners who don’t want the maintenance involved with wood siding. Fiber-cement Siding in Indianapolis and elsewhere is becoming an increasingly common choice. This composite material is constructed from cement, wood fibers and sand. It can be made to look almost exactly like wood, a feature many homeowners appreciate. Although it contains wood fibers, it doesn’t require painting or staining, and it isn’t appealing to termites or carpenter ants.

Fiber-cement Siding in Indianapolis is available in several styles and can be installed with methods that create specific effects. Most homes have horizontal lap siding, and this type of material can be installed for the horizontal design as well. This material can be made to look like wood clapboard, and fiber cement in a shingled siding style is available too. This can give the house a look of being clad with cedar shakes.

It also can be installed vertically, in a style known as board and batten. The battens are long, flat strips of material that separate the boards. People who have trouble visualizing how this looks might take a drive in the country, as many older farm buildings have a vertical board and batten siding. Because the siding is associated with rural environments, it brings a country-style appeal to a home’s exterior. Even less common is horizontal board and batten siding, but homeowners can opt for this choice in fiber cement if they prefer. Some homeowners select a combination of vertical and horizontal siding, a style associated with old farmhouses that have had additions built on. The main house might have the vertical siding and the addition the horizontal style.

Residential property owners with more than one building may like to have contrasting siding effects rather than everything being one style and color. A contractor such as Amos Exteriors Inc can add siding to a garage, guest house or garden shed that has a different design or color than the residence does. This makes for an intriguing aesthetic appeal and helps the property stand out. Many homeowners who go this route like to have matching roof materials and colors that visually connect all the buildings.


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