The Increasing Need For Metric Fasteners In Minneapolis Manufacturing

The metric system may not be well understood or used by most people in Minneapolis, but it is used by a majority of people around the world. It was first developed in 1799 in what is now France, although it has changed slightly and become more consistent in use around the world.

There are only three countries in the world that do not use the metric system today. These include the United States, Myanmar (Burma) and Liberia. This means all countries, with the exception of Burma, now Myanmar, and Liberia that the US trades with or exports to use the metric system.

This is not just for distance, volume or weight, it is also found with the need for fasteners. Everything from nuts to bolts are all set up around the world to work on metric tool sets. This puts Minneapolis-based manufacturers at a disadvantage to export unless they set up manufacturing and fabrication to use metric fasteners.

Finding a Supplier

Not all fastener distributors are able to stock and supply metric fasteners in large volume orders. This can be a concern for a company, so finding a reputable supplier with the ability to provide high volume orders or bulk shipments of the fasteners will be essential.

Look for the Services

As this is not a fastener that is going to be easy to find in the city in a general contractor supply, consider looking for a supplier offering metric fasteners as well as a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. This is a program that allows your vendor to actually manage your in-house inventory, eliminating the need to count, order and monitor on your own.

With this VMI system in place, you can pre-select the minimum and maximum numbers required for any part, component or fastener they offer. Then, once the inventory reaches the pre-set minimum, it will be automatically ordered and stocked, ensure you never run out.


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