The Important Role Played by Professional Termite Control in Gilbert

There are many ways that pests can get into a home. Unfortunately, termites and the damage that they cause can happen in virtually any home no matter how well protected. In these situations, it’s less important to focus on how the problem occurred and it’s more important to focus on how the problem is going to be resolved. That’s why professional Termite Control in Gilbert is so important in these situations.

The first thing that’s going to need to be done is to determine if the damage to your home is actually from termites. Sometimes, it’s going to take a trained eye to spot the damage caused by termites. To the untrained eye, you may think you have termite problems when in fact all you have are dry rot problems with the wood materials of your home. Dry rot can often times mimic the damage that is caused by termites.

The other thing that Professional Termite Control in Gilbert will do is to determine the type of termites that you’re dealing with. For a homeowner a termite is a termite, but for an exterminator, it’s important to know what type termite they may be dealing with. In some cases, they may be dealing with multiple types of termites. The reason why it’s important to know which type termite they’re dealing with is that certain termites respond better to different types of pesticides than others. For example if you were to use a pesticide to deal with subterranean termites when in fact you are dealing with a dry wood termites, the pesticides being used might not be effective.

Termites are not something that you want to ignore. If the termite damage gets significant enough, it can actually threaten the structural integrity of your home. At the least, it could cost you a great deal of money to have the termites removed and the damage they caused repaired. For that reason, if you think you have problems with termites, it’s best to call a company like Cummings Termite and Pest Control. They can evaluate the situation, determine if the damage is termites and if so, they can identify what termites you have in your home. From there it’s a simple matter of devising a plan to eliminate the termites once for all.


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