The Importance Of Planned Network Design

It may seem like redundancy to talk about planned network design in enterprise networks, but for many companies, particularly those going through periods of growth, the network may be more of an ad hoc system. This is a very different configuration than a system that starts with server design and moves across the entire network.

Specialized companies are able to work with new businesses as well as established companies to design network systems that are more efficient, secure and provides the quality of resources your company needs. Companies like IT Partners+ are uniquely positioned to be able to consult on setting up new networks to maximize business solutions that are tailored to the needs of the company.



To start the process, the IT consulting company will meet with the in-house IT team. In these meetings, the groups will discuss the server design and the pros and cons of any existing features of enterprise networks.

From here, the consulting group will begin to develop a strategic plan. This can be done on their own, which is common for startups without a current IT department, or they can provide services in the form of network design assistance to the company team.

This should be a very customized approach to providing full network service assistance that will provide a quality network that can be scaled up to grow with the business. There should always be a tailored approach to the design that eliminates inefficiencies while also providing the features and options that are required for the given applications and use.

Through the use of expert design services, weaknesses and areas of the network that are problematic or lack structure and planning can be identified and corrected. The result will be an enterprise network that is secure, dependable and offers the solutions for the optimization of data transfer, storage, and retrieval.


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