The Importance Of Pediatric Eye Care: The Eye Examination

If you are a responsible parent or guardian, you want to make sure your child does not have a problem seeing. This worry becomes intensified as school approaches. At this point, you need to consider pediatric eye care, beginning with the first eye examination. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, this first visit is the start of your child’s relationship with his or her “eye doctor.”

The Statistics

Little doubt remains about the importance of eye examinations. According to the professionals, this early form of pediatric eye care is responsible for detecting vision troubles at an early age. Statistics indicate that vision problems are found in between 5 and 10% of preschoolers. The rate increases to around 25% for those who are school-aged.

When Should a Child Have His or Her First Eye Exam?

Children should undergo their first eye exam at an early age. This type of pediatric eye care should be undertaken as early as 6 months old. The American Optometric Association (AOA), also states that these need to be followed up by further tests at age 3. The next time parents in Grand Rapids, Michigan need to consider additional eye exams is just prior to entering either kindergarten or grade one.

Why Test Children So Early?

Pediatric eye care specialists have some very good reasons behind early eye tests. The major reason is to detect any problems that may interfere with the ability of children to learn successfully. In order to be able to succeed in a school environment, a child needs to have the following visual abilities:

  • Binocularity (Eye teaming) skills
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Eye motion abilities
  • Distance vision
  • Ability to focus
  • Near vision
  • Peripheral sentience

It should be noted that certain states require an eye examination prior to attending school. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a test is required for all children before they are allowed to go to public school. Under MCL 380.1177 – enacted in 2000, a parent or guardian must ensure the child has had at least one eye exam after age three. They must present proof of this vision test before the child is allowed to go to public school.

Pediatric Eye Care: The Ongoing Sage of Eye Exams

Although the child may not show any indications of vision problems when they enter kindergarten or grade one, this does not mean they cannot occur. In order to prevent the development of more serious vision issues, it is essential they undergo a regular eye examination at least every two years. If an issue arises – such as the need to wear glasses, the child needs to be tested more frequently. Unless the eye doctor recommends otherwise, it is very important that you take your child to see a professional pediatric eye care specialist every year.


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