The Importance Of Having A Social Security Lawyer

A quick review of statistics published by the Social Security Administration will show you that your chances of getting approved for disability benefits on the initial claim is about 25 percent. This simply means that three quarters of all applicants have to decide whether they will forget about trying to get benefits or will they hire a Social Security lawyer in Michigan and appeal.

Those that decide to appeal will invariably have to appear at a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. It is at this level that having legal representation can genuinely help in winning the claim. Of course, no lawyer will ever guarantee that his or her client will be approved but what the lawyer can do is guarantee that the claim will be developed and presented correctly.

Developing the case:

Rarely would an applicant for Social Security disability benefits have the knowledge and insight needed to prepare properly for a hearing. A Social Security lawyer in Michigan is intimate with the laws, rules and regulations that apply, most lawyers have many years experience, not only do they know what is expected when presenting a case they know the right questions to ask your physician and other medical personnel that have been or are involved.

Chances of approval are better with the help of a lawyer:

A claimant for disability benefits can win without the assistance of a lawyer but the odds are certainly not good. Your lawyer knows what medical records are required, he or he knows how to get the doctor to support the claim and knows what to expect during the hearing and as a result, can prepare you in advance.

As a Social Security lawyer in Michigan works on a contingency basis it makes no sense for you to be unrepresented, it is your future that is at stake, it is simply not worth jeopardizing your chances by going it alone.

If you are amongst the majority of applicants for disability that have been denied benefits you need to hire a Social Security lawyer in Michigan to increase your chances of success during the appeals process. You are invited to discuss your case with website. Contact website for a free legal consultation.


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