The Importance Of Having A Family Dentist

No matter how big or small your family, they need to be healthy to thrive. Being fit involves more than physical exercise. It is more than eating healthy. It requires taking care of all your physical attributes including your teeth. For a family in Burlington, two figures are important: a family doctor and a family dentist.

Family Dental Care

Family dentists fit into a specific niche of dental care. They operate on an inclusive or generalist approach to dentistry. While other dentists may specialize in a specific type of dentistry, e.g, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, a family dentist is there to treat the entire family. In doing so, he or she offers the following services:

  • Dental examinations
  • Implants
  • Fillings
  • Hygiene education
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Wisdom teeth and other extractions
  • X-rays

They may also offer a variety of cosmetic or corrective measures including teeth straightening of adults, e.g, Invisalign and teeth whitening.
However, where family dentists in Burlington help the most is in working with parents on their children’s daily teeth care. It is extremely important that young children learn how to take care of their teeth at an early age. Dentists help parents find a method that ensures their children adopt a regular regime of proper oral hygiene. This is something they can make part of their daily routine for the rest of their lives

Family Dental Care

When it comes to ensuring the dental health of your entire family, be sure you choose a family dentist. These generalists are specialists in taking care of the dental needs of families of all types, ages, and genders. They are always ready to place the dental health of your family first. From education to teeth cleaning, they are there to help. For more information on how family dentists help create good dental practices, contact the professionals at Fielding Dental Healthcare in Burlington.


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