The Importance Of Event Planning In Houston, TX

Event planners are organized multitaskers. They have to be in order to plan perfect birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. The first thing to do is select a date for the event. The date should be several months away so everything can be planned. The venue is probably the most important part of an event. For instance, it is not a good idea to have a child’s birthday party at an elegant Victorian manor. Event planners help their clients find an ideal place. The perfect venue should be large enough to accommodate the number of guests.

A key part of Event Planning in Houston TX is securing a site with adequate parking. No one wants the guests to walk a mile to get there. Further, they should not have to find their own parking. Elegant venues, like La Fontaine Reception Hall, have enough parking and disabled access. Likewise, the venue should have plenty of bathrooms. Most venues have designated caterers. The event planner and client should meet with the caterer. It is ideal if the caterer sets up a tasting. The menu is key because you want guests to enjoy themselves. Also, consider a buffet as well as a plated dinner. It is wise to have some vegetarian options however the meal is served.

The caterer should put everything in a written contract. The event planner helps to review the contract, including the fine print. Negotiate, if possible, during Event Planning in Houston TX. One area that may be open to negotiation is the bar. Many caterers allow the guest to furnish their own alcohol. Most people can buy alcohol cheaper on their own. The caterer’s contract should include everything they will provide. Most caterers provide limited decorations, linens, china, stemware and flatware. Further, they may furnish bartenders and wait for staff. Finally, the event planner should make sure the venue has adequate insurance. Make sure everyone is covered in the event of an accident or another incident. The bottom line is that everything falls on the planner’s shoulders. That is why it is important to be thorough and follow-up with vendors before the big day.

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