The Importance Of Consulting With A Brain Injury Lawyer In Bedford

It is difficult to lose a child to a birth injury that could have been prevented. Surely, victims deserve compensation and should consult with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Bedford. Here are some valuable tips for those who think they have a case.

Birth Injuries Are Common

Five out of every thousand babies born in the U.S. succumb to birth injuries. Generally, these injuries fall into two categories. The first involves a physician’s failure to diagnose a condition or treat a condition improperly. The second category involves mistakes made during prenatal care. An example would be adverse reactions to prescribed medicines.

Failure To Diagnose

Sometimes, physicians fail to treat the mother’s condition that can affect the unborn child. Examples include mothers with diabetes and high blood pressure. These illnesses must be treated so the baby will be healthy. Likewise, physicians may injure the baby by using forceps and other instruments incorrectly. Moreover, many fatal scenarios occur when physicians miss evidence of illness in screenings like an ultrasound.

Recognizing Malpractice Is Key

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine how injuries occur. Many children have birth defects due to negligence. Indeed, a child may have cerebral palsy because there was a shortage of oxygen during the birth. On the other hand, a baby may be simply born with the condition.

What Are Teratogens?

Many medications created to help pregnant women were later found to be teratogens. Teratogens are chemicals or drugs that cause birth defects. For instance, delautin was given to prevent miscarriages, but the drug caused severe birth defects.

A Birth Injury Lawyer In Bedford hires experts to study medical records. They must find evidence of negligence before a lawsuit is filed. Further, it must be proven that the physician or drug company’s conduct was below the standard of care. Additionally, experts help explain to jurors what the standard of care is.

In many cases, the child is awarded damages for physical injuries. Likewise, the parents may be awarded damages for pain and suffering. Other possible damages include payment of present and future medical bills and the loss of future earnings. Individuals who think they have a claim should Contact The Koch Law Firm.

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