The importance of commercial wood shake roof repair in Lawrence KS

A wood shake roof is beautiful, durable, and is expensive to replace. Proper maintenance and keeping on top of minor repairs can help prolong the life of the roof. Special care and certain materials and techniques should be used when cleaning or repairing real wood shakes. Because it is a natural material, it requires a bit more maintenance than composite roofing. Cleaning should be done at least twice a year to ensure debris and mold do not accumulate in the cracks and sides of the wood. Power washing is effective, but it has to be low pressure. High pressure can cause shakes to split, or pieces to break off at the edges or bottom. The roof has to be dried completely as well to avoid moisture rotting the wood. It is a wise idea to get maintenance and commercial wood shake roof repair in Lawrence KS, rather than attempting a do-it-yourself project.

As the wood weathers, the color fades, and the top layer begins to break down. Real wood shakes are also more vulnerable to temperature variations than flat roofs, and those made of manufactured materials. Warm weather causes the wood to expand, and cold weather causes it to contract. Those changes mean wood shakes naturally crack, which can exacerbate rotting, splitting, and breaking. It can also result in mold growth on the shakes and infestation of termites. There are coatings and seals that can be added to prevent cracking and splitting. They have to be reapplied every few years in order to remain protective. Cracks can be filled in and repaired, but it is not always easy to notice them against the grain of the wood. It is important to seek commercial wood shake roof repair in Lawrence KS to make sure the repairs are complete.

Caring for the roof is crucial for it to continue protecting the building and occupants. An experienced company, such as Alpha Roofing LLC, for example, can inspect, maintain, and repair that wood shake roof properly. Continued education for technicians and installers and several manufacturer certifications mean the latest techniques, methods, and product will be used to keep the roof functional and beautiful. The initial investment in a wood shake roof is substantial, so it is important to take proper care of it. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge or equipment to clean, dry, repair, and protect it on their own.


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