The Importance of Care Management

Care managers are jokingly referred to as the quarterbacks of a medical care team. A jovial description, but an apt one all the same. Their job is to act as advocate for the health and well-being of their client, and for making sure that all aspects for that client are smooth and coordinated as much as possible. Care managers have been proven to be linked to better outcomes for patients and to higher patient satisfaction. But what are the other benefits of care management that make it so important? Surely there must be others, yes? If you are curious about the importance of care management in Naples FL, here are the top aspects that make it so important.

Transitional support

Coming home from the hospital after a long and arduous stay can be scary, to say the least. Especially if the client coming home is one with very complex medical problems. If there are new tasks to be memorized, new lifestyle changes that need adjusting to, it can be overwhelming to the family, not to mention the patient themselves. A care manager’s job is to help them acclimate back into home life, along with whatever new exercises that must be adopted for the transition back home. Whether it be a feeding tube, keeping a wound clean, or just managing medication, a care manager will ensure that everything is done to the letter.


Not only will a care manager help you memorize what you need to do when you are released from the hospital, they will also instruct you and your family/friends/roommates how you are to do it in explicit detail. They can also help you make informed decisions about your healthcare, by patiently walking you through the entire process and clearing up anything you may not understand.

Coordination of resources

The best thing about being a care manager is that you make so many useful friends. And those useful friends are particularly useful to your clients. An experienced care manager has a connection to help with any problem that arises with their client. So if the client needs a support group to help them through this trying time, the care manager should know at least two that can help them. Or if they need medical equipment suggestions, and the care manager doesn’t quite know the answer, they should know someone who does.


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