The Importance of Cabinet Design, Get New Cabinets in San Antonio

Kitchen cabinets play a dual role. The cabinets are built for storage, and they are also designed for décor. Good cabinet design must consider both roles. Functionality does not have to mean that your San Antonio kitchen cannot be beautiful. The cabinets in the kitchen are not impervious to minor damage and wear, but this is pretty rare, so it allows you to choose materials other than the most durable available. Wood cabinets are, by far, the most popular in San Antonio homes.

Cabinets consist of three primary components; the top, the carcass, and the doors. Cabinet design focuses on the doors, as they are the most visible part. Door pulls, knobs, and hinges add a great deal. An otherwise plain cabinet door can stand out with compelling hardware. It is important when choosing hardware that it fits in with the rooms’ décor. Concealed hinges are nice, but not in an Early American design kitchen. A traditional kitchen should use decorative hinges and pulls that compliment it. Concealed hinges are the most suitable for a contemporary kitchen.

Decorative Hinges

In cabinet design, there are three types of hinges; concealed, partially concealed and decorative. Concealed hinges are invisible but difficult to install. Partially concealed hinges are easier to install. Installation considerations are only of concern for DIYers, professionals in San Antonio do not have problems.

When it comes to decorative hinges, you are spoiled for choice. This allows you to find hinges in literally any size, shape, material, and finish.

Decorative Knobs and Pulls

If you are keen on using concealed hinges, you can enhance the cabinet design in San Antonio by using decorative doorknobs and pulls. Just like hinges, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of knobs and pulls available from custom cabinet designers in San Antonio.

Cabinet design can make or break a kitchen or bathroom. To discuss how cabinets can change the look of your home, contact Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio.


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