The Importance of Breast Thermography

Breast cancer is a large concern in the United States. In fact, the most recent numbers suggest that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer awareness is an issue that many have gotten on board talking about, from methods to prevent it, to regular screenings and searching for a cure. With breast thermography, it is possible to protect yourself just a little bit more by detecting signs of breast cancer early on.

Your first questions may be what this procedure is, and how it works. It is a 15-minute test that can detect slight changes in the breasts that could indicate the earliest stages of breast diseases. It detects heat patterns in the breasts, which can indicate a variety of problems. This method of testing is able to detect breast disease earlier than examinations by yourself or your doctor, and even earlier than a mammogram. Not only can breast thermography detect cancer, but it can also detect fibrocystic disease, vascular disease or an infection.

This type of breast examination does not involve radiation, and it is painless. It is good for women of all ages and is particularly useful for women under 50 because mammograms are usually less effective at that age. This earlier detection can help ensure that diseases can be dealt with effectively, giving the patient a higher chance of defeating the disease.

For women, breast health is something that is often on your mind. With breast cancer and other breast disease being so common, you can never be too careful when it comes to early detection, and breast thermography can be the key to catching a disease early on and striking it down. If you think you may be at risk for breast disease, or you think you are in need of a checkup, get with your doctor about this procedure today. Click here for more information.


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