The Importance Of An Atlanta-Based API Developer

One of the reasons for the popularity of using apps over opening a browser on smartphones and tablets is the speed of access to information. Clicking on an app for a customer in Atlanta allows him or her to immediately be able to do what they want to do without a lot of unnecessary clicks and scrolling.

Compare this to a browser experience. First, the end user has to open the browser and wait for it to load. Then, they have to hit the bookmark icon, scroll down, and choose the website. Clicking on the website brings them to the landing page, then they have to navigate through to find the specific internal page or feature.

With this need for streamlining and precision in accessing information, having the ability to allow apps to share specific types of information can also improve the end-user experience. Writing the specific code to regulate the information exchange is the role of the API developer.

Understanding Your Requirements

When working with an API developer, it will be important to know what you want to accomplish. In other words, what information do you want the end-user to be able to access through the app?

For example, if you have an e-commerce site and an app to allow shopping on the app. It will be important to have a way for the app to be able to calculate shipping costs at the checkout. Allowing the app to access this information from other apps will be essential.

Other types of APIs used by an API developer can include allowing communication between the business social media platforms and the app or even phone GPS and location services and the app.

The key for any Atlanta business is to consider what information the end-user needs. An API developer can ask the necessary questions and then develop an API to provide the information exchange required.


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