The Fine Art of Chandelier Cleaning

Pristine, elegant and beautiful, chandeliers command the room with their glittering intricacy. As every chandelier owner knows, however, the art of cleaning these works of art is an art in itself.

The Do’s and Don’ts

While professionally contracting a local Winnetka chandelier cleaning service is the best way to assure excellent results, if you would like to try your hand at cleaning your shimmering beauty, there are a few things to remember to do before starting out.


– First, there should be plenty of padding below the chandelier just in case. A thick mover’s pad or mattress would do nicely.
– Make sure the chandelier itself, and the circuit breaker associated with the chandelier, is turned off.
– Check the chandelier for any damage before cleaning.
– Always clean the chandelier by hand.


Under no circumstances should you do the following when cleaning your chandelier:

– Don’t use spray cleaners of any kind, especially over-the-counter cleaning sprays. A mild detergent works best.
– Don’t go out on a limb to clean your chandelier; if you need to use a ladder, make sure it’s suited for the task in terms of safety, and also don’t reach too far or otherwise endanger yourself when cleaning your chandelier.
– Don’t allow the crystals of a chandelier to be exposed to direct sunlight.

DIY or Call in the Professionals?

Since chandeliers are so intricate and delicate, many chandelier owners in Winnetka decide to turn to a reputable Winnetka chandelier cleaning service to get the job done. While you might be able to do it yourself without damaging the centerpiece of your dining room, remember that you wanted the chandelier for its elegance, elegance which can be ruined in a moment by a simple mistake.

Serving the greater Chicago area, Fine Decor Revival is an established Winnetka chandelier cleaning service. Providing restoration and cleaning services for private and commercial spaces, Fine Decor Revival also services aircraft, yachts and fine boats.


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