The Exciting Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna

One of the services that you may find at your favorite massage parlor in Herndon, VA, is the option for a dry sauna. For those unfamiliar with a sauna, they are baths that use dry heat to crease high temperatures which leads to a higher level of perspiration. There are different methods to heat a sauna and most saunas reach temperatures of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You might wonder why someone would choose to use a dry sauna and we plan to answer that question. We’ll be reviewing some of the benefits of using a sauna now.

Pure Relaxation

The heat that is inside of a sauna will help your muscles begin to relax, which is something that can cut down on stress. In addition, simply sitting and enjoying the quiet area can help with relaxation. Extreme muscle relaxation can even help reduce any pain that you are experiencing. It works for the stiffness from arthritis as well as the pain from a strained or pulled muscle.

Increased Circulation

While inside the sauna at your favorite massage parlor in Herndon, VA, the heat will help to increase your heart level and relax your blood vessels. This causes them to dilate, which allows blood to more easily reach your feet, hands, legs, and arms. You can expect the same metabolic effect of exercise but without having to do all the work to get it.

Improved Immunity

You can’t expect dry sauna use to stop you from getting sick each time someone is near you and ill, but it can help boost your immune system, so you suffer fewer illnesses. The heat of the sauna is similar to that of a fever and can rid the body of some infections and bacteria that might cause a cold or other sickness.

Cleaner Skin

When you are in a situation where you sweat more than usual, your pores will open up and sweat will rinse out any impurities or dirt within the skin. This can mean that you feel clean and soft when you leave the sauna. Having cleaner pores may also help lesson your chance of acne outbreaks.

At Herndon Therapy, we offer dry sauna therapy as well as various massage techniques. Our skilled staff would be happy to set up an appointment for you and determine exactly what services would work best for your needs. To learn more about what we offer, visit us at


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