The Difference in Car Waxing and Car Polishing in Baltimore

When it comes to car care, two of the most common questions that are asked, include “what is the best wax to use on a vehicle,” and “what is the best polish to use on a vehicle.” The bad news is that these questions demonstrate a rather large misconception among consumers regarding what is able to be achieved by either car wax or Car Polishing in Baltimore.

The Difference in Car Polish and Car Wax

Car wax, when in its natural form, is offered in a number of different options, including animal or vegetable waxes. Due to the natural properties in some of these options, it makes them ideal for use with vehicles.

In the automotive industry, the most popular type option is carnauba wax. This is because it is insoluble in water and can withstand the harsh heat of the daytime sun. The majority of car waxes will include a combination of a number of items, including abrasives. Wax acts as a filler that will smooth the surface of your vehicle. However, if your have oxidation on the surface of your vehicle, then the wax may not be very effective.

Car polish is a type of product that uses the action of abrasives for removing fine layers of the top coating in order to flatten the surface out and to ensure that the light is reflected evenly; thus creating the polished look. There are a number of different levels of abrasiveness that you can choose from, ranging from ultra-fine to medium.

Modern, quality polishes will be composed of diminishing abrasives that will break down into smaller particles, which means they will be essentially polished into your vehicles paint. Keep in mind, polish will not protect your paint, which is why you should use wax and polish cohesively for best results.

When it comes to Car Polishing in Baltimore it may be a good idea to leave your vehicle in the hands of the professionals. One option is to get car polishing done at Diamond Detail of Baltimore. Diamond Detail Inc offers professional results at affordable prices to make your car look great.


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