The Chances Of Winning Social Security Disability Benefits

Anyone that has yet to reach the age of 65 has the right to claim Social Security disability benefits in the event of physical or mental disability. There are very strict rules, regulations and procedures that must be followed and as a result a very large majority of claimants are denied benefits at their initial application and at the reconsideration stage of appeal.

Some applicants will walk away at this stage; the wise applicant will turn around and hire disability lawyers in Chicago to help appeal the denial. Once the initial level of appeal, the request for reconsideration has also resulted in denial, the next, and very important stage, is the hearing.

The hearing is held in the presence of an administrative law judge, a well prepared appeal usually results in approval but a disability lawyer is needed to ensure the case is supported and presented in the best light.

There is no reason to be concerned with legal fees at this stage, disability lawyers in Chicago work on contingency and get paid once they are successful in winning your case.

Odds of winning if you go it alone:

It is not mandatory that you engage a disability lawyer to represent your interests during the hearing. Although it doesn’t happen a lot, there are examples of individuals winning without legal assistance. However, the odds of winning are far better if you do hire a skilled disability lawyer.

Remember, your livelihood is at stake, is it worth putting an award in jeopardy? It takes a long time to even get an appointment for a hearing in the first place. When you do win you receive back pay from the date of your initial application, this can be a considerable amount of money when you consider that the most you will pay your lawyer is $6,000; an amount set by law.

Disability lawyers in Chicago can make the difference between winning Social Security disability benefits and being denied. You are invited to contact and also like our Facebook page.


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