The Causes Behind Slab Leaks

Unexpected wet spots on your home’s floor can be the first sign of a slab leak. This happens when the pipes leak beneath the floor of a home. They start out slow at first, but later develop into a serious problem. If you let slab leaks go without repairing them, you could end up with an uneven floor. The floor might even cave in! Get a jump on slab leaks by understanding the reasons why they occur.

Bad Water

If your water chemistry is off, it could cause problems for your pipes. Water that is extremely hard or soft wrecks havoc on metal. Once pipes become corroded, they are likely to leak at any time. In order to prevent further slab leakage, it is important to correct the water chemistry.

Old Pipe Systems

Old pipes are just not reliable. As the metal in pipes ages, it becomes worn and susceptible to cracking. This is common in old homes that use outdated copper piping. Some of these well-aged homes may also have galvanized steel pipes that are prone to corrosion. Thus, it is important to check the pipes in an older home on a regular basis. In some cases, it may even be better to replace them. Fix the root problem to prevent slab leaks Oklahoma City.

External Sources of Pressure

The pressure exerted on a pipe can affect its integrity. The erosion and shifting of soil is a common source of pressure. When extra pressure is placed on the exterior of a pipe, it can cause it to burst. When water sprouts out in this manner, it leads to slab leaks. It is important to check the soil around your foundation to prevent extra pressure on the pipes.

Seek Help for Slab Leaks

If you are experiencing slab leaks Oklahoma City, contact a professional for help. Air Comfort Solutions is ready to serve the Oklahoma City metro area. Contact the company today for emergency repair services. Experts are also available to help you with any plumbing issues you encounter. Contact the company today for immediate help.

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