The Cable Harness Assembly: The Basics

A cable harness assembly is a specific configuration of heavy-duty material coated with a more intensive exterior covering. Materials for such assemblies include:

* Shrink-wrapped thermoplastic

* Thermoplastic rubber

* Vinyl

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also available in diverse types including electrical and coaxial. They may comprise a rigid, flexible or semi-flexible construction. These characteristics allow cable harness assemblies to fulfill their essential role in electromechanical systems.


Cable harness assemblies serve a specific purpose. Like wire harness assemblies, cable harness assemblies maintain various wires and cable in an orderly fashion. However, the design of cable harness assemblies is such as to address particular environmental factors. The construction of these devices allows them to shield the interior wires and/or cables they coat from such elemental forces as:

* Abrasion

* Compression

* Dust

* Friction

* Heat

* Moisture

* Sunlight

* Vibration

Because of their design and construction, a cable harness assembly provides all of the products they coat with extensive protection against the above environmental factors. They are at work in diverse environments including:

* Industrial plants

* Medical facilities

* Oil rigs, e.g., ground communications

* Professional offices

* Military installations, e.g., ground communication systems and interfacing

In the medical field alone, cable harness assemblies, together with wire harness assemblies are essential components of many devices including:

* Diagnostic Equipment

* Patient Monitoring Equipment

* Medical sensors

* Surgical robots

* Imaging system equipment

In many instances, to ensure the assemblies meet specifications and are able of not only performing their function but also withstanding the environment in which they operate, companies will customize them. This is common in both military and medical applications.

The Cable Harness Assembly

Manufacturers produce cable harness assemblies for OEMs. They may provide them with standard or off-the-shelf products. However, industries where the environment demands exacting specifications, a custom cable harness assembly is the only means of ensuring functionality.


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