The Best Way to Manage Diabetes with Technology

Technology is and has truly changed the way things are done in most areas of life today. One of the most effected and beneficial areas of these changes is on the medical forefront. Research and studies conducted has presented some of the most advanced technologically enhanced treatments of this time. The changes have come and they are steadily improving in the area of diabetes treatment. Managing diabetes with technology and equipment of dynamic technological means is changing the way that patients live. In fact, they’re not only living, they’re enjoying life due to the conveniences presented by technical management of the disease.

Technical tools that assist in tracking blood sugar levels, activity levels, everyday feelings and what you eat are at the forefront of diabetes management through technology. Anyone who has received a diabetes diagnosis has also received strict instructions from their doctor to track their blood sugar, food intake and exercise. Smartphones, computer apps and tablets are helping diabetes patients to complete these tasks much easier now. There are smart pumps available to supply the body with needed insulin, calls, texts and emails as reminders to take medication at the right time.

A CGM is a continuous glucose monitor that the doctor may use to test blood sugar levels in 5 minute intervals throughout the day. Results are transmitted via a wireless signal to a small monitor that is worn on a belt of held in the hand. There are also some of the CGM devices that are designed to send wireless signals directly to the doctor’s office.

Another great technical device is the smart insulin pump that is capable of syncing with the CGM and works wonders for patients living with type 1 diabetes. In the event that the sugar drops too low, it automatically halts the insulin infusion for two hours, which can help prevent critical drops in blood sugar levels.

There are many apps available to help people track all of the important information regarding their diabetes. These apps can help track stress, results of blood sugar tests, and exercise and nutrition information of the foods consumed. Some apps are capable of syncing with the physician’s office to make them aware of how the levels were prior to the appointment.

The task of dealing with diabetes is one that requires extreme attention to detail and commitment. Technology advancements strive to simplify these requirements and help patients to better control their condition and the way they live with diabetes.

Managing diabetes with technology has improved the way people take care of themselves following the diagnosis. Medtronic values the contributions of technology to the area of diabetes management.

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