The Best Start To Cancer Treatment Is Knowing What You’re Dealing With

Medical science has come a long way in the past 50 years, but believe it or not this has actually made it far more difficult for doctors. Because of the amount of information out there that needs to be known and the amount of technologies out there that doctors need to use, working in medicine today requires knowing a lot about so many different things. This is often why doctors seek specializations, so that they can be more proficient in their area of interest because it’s simply impossible to be proficient in everything. Doctors who work in cancer related fields and work directly with cancer patients tend to learn a lot more about cells and how they interact together in a healthy setting and in a cancerous one. This allows them to understand the various ways in which cancer develops and the many signs that they can heed to notice and stop cancer from developing further. One of the primary ways this is done is by using antibodies to mark and identify certain types of proteins in the body that are linked to cancer. By monitoring these proteins and knowing what healthy production of these proteins is supposed to look like, a doctor can determine the course of a particular cancer and even the type of cancer it is.

In the Blood

Leukemia, or cancer in the blood, can be one of the more difficult types of cancer to identify. In order to identify it, scientists have to identify specific proteins in the body that are linked to this type of cancer such as iNOS. By using an iNOS antibody, a doctor can determine not only whether a patient has leukemia, but what kind of leukemia they have and the degree to which the cancer has spread. This information is vital in determining treatment, so it’s not uncommon for these sorts of antibody tests to be done on a patient before proceeding with a specific cancer treatment.

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