The Benefits of Undergoing a Colonoscopy

Did you know it is important to have a colonoscopy in Staten Island, NY performed every once in a while? The purpose of this procedure is to get a good look at your colon. Whether you are experiencing stomach problems or not, you may still benefit from undergoing this procedure because the doctors would be able to identify different issues. For example, a doctor may be able to tell if any cancerous cells were growing inside of you. A colonoscopy is used to identify other issues that might be going on inside of you, such as ulcers.

Preparing For the Procedure

The preparation process often takes a bit more time than the actual colonoscopy in Staten Island, NY. It is important to cleanse your colon before undergoing the procedure. If you are backed up because you have been constipated and unable to use the bathroom, it would be difficult for the doctor to get the absolute best view of what is going on inside of you. The doctor may recommend taking a laxative. The laxative would help you empty out some of your stomach contents. You may be advised to stick to a clear liquid diet a day or two before the date of your procedure. Make sure to follow these rules to avoid dealing with any complications.

Undergoing the Procedure

You may feel nervous about having the colonoscopy in Staten Island, NY performed. However, the procedure typically takes less than an hour. During that time, you may be slightly sedated. Conscious sedation is most commonly used for colonoscopies to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time.

Having a colonoscopy performed is a wise decision. The doctor would be able to identify certain issues earlier on so that you can receive a diagnosis and then focus on a treatment plan instead of unknowingly dealing with an undiagnosed issue. If you have never had a colonoscopy performed, consider talking to a gastroenterologist about this procedure to find out if it is something you should do. Contact Dr. Grosman for more information.


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