The Benefits of the Mobile Business Card

Business cards have been in existence for many decades, in fact, some version of them may go back hundreds of years. As time has progressed, especially in the 20th century and into the 21st century, business cards have also advanced as well, in design, color and appearance. However, there are some drawbacks to the traditional business card – and this has led to the invention of something truly innovative – the Mobile Business Card.

Disadvantages of Traditional Business Cards

Although traditional paper or plastic business cards have their place and can be effective, their effectiveness is limited. For instance, when you hand over your business card to a business lead or prospect and you don’t receive their card, you are giving them the power in essence. If your contact information changes or any other information on the card changes in the future, that prospect will no longer have the current info about you and your business. If you’re position at the company changes, you will need to have new mobile business card produced to reflect that change as well. All the while your prospects will not know of the change.

The Mobile Business Card

However, with recent changes in technology, these problems have been solved. The solution is called the Mobile Business Card. The card operates through the use of SMS technology. Through the use of a simple text, a business contact can receive an individual’s information on his or her mobile phone. All of this information is accessible on a mobile phone through the Internet.

More Effective Business Promotion

The technology that encompasses the Mobile Business Card is designed to help business promotion to a greater degree. As an individual or a business’s advances in growth and capabilities, the information present on these mobile business cards is updated as well – providing prospects with a continuously updated picture of the individual’s status and position in the company.

Cost Efficient Solution

This arrangement also allows both parties to contact each other at will. The technology connected with these cards removes printing costs and keeps the business card aspect of promotion ‘paper free’ and continuously up-to-date.


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