The Benefits of the Halo Engagement Ring

A halo setting for a diamond engagement ring provides that luxury and classic setting that people have been enjoying since the early 20th century. This provides a type of vintage ring design that features a center stone, surrounded by a number of smaller stone. If you are interested in the Halo Engagement Rings Chicago, learn more here.

The Evolution of the Halo Engagement Ring

This type of engagement ring setting has been used since right after World War I. This is part of the art deco style and clearly seen by the bold and geometric shapes that this ring offers. You can clearly tell you have found a halo engagement ring when you see a single large stone, surrounded by a number of smaller stones. The center stone can be round, pear, square or cushion cut.

The Custom Halo Setting

When it comes to a halo setting, a professional jeweler will be able to provide regular shapes, including cushion cut or round, in addition to more unique shapes such as radiant cut or princess cut diamonds. The fact is that no matter the event or occasion, ladies who are wearing a ring with a halo setting will be able to continue impressing others in their social circle. The sparkle and elegance that this ring offers is truly unmatched by any other option that is currently available.

When you select a ring that has a halo setting, it will help to trick the eye into believing that the single diamond in the ring is actually much larger than it may be. You should be sure that you choose a metal that will complement the center stone that you have chosen for the ring. There are a number of different metals that you can select from for the ring, including platinum, yellow gold or white gold.

It is easy to create an affordable and unique ring when you use a gemstone, rather than a diamond, as well; however, if you are searching for bridal jewelry, a diamond is going to be the obvious choice. The fact is that there are a number of modern designs that will maintain the original concept of the halo style and ensure a stunning ring design for your fiancée. Be sure that you use a reputable jeweler if you are planning to choose this type of ring for your engagement.

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