The Benefits of Choosing an ATPase Assay Kit with Direct Detection

When it is crucial to have a platform that is HTS capable and has been proven to be useful in drug development, there is not a better choice than the Transcreener ADP2 ATPase assay. This assay has been written many publications and offers a universal platform for those who want to remove the intense labor that is typically associated with internal assay development.

Reduced False Positives

There’s nothing worse than a false positive. It can add time and effort to a process that would otherwise be more straightforward. The good news is that direction detection of ADP through ATPase activity assays offers fewer false positives than a traditional coupling assay. With the use of far-red tracers, the problem associated with fluorescent compound interference is lessened, if not entirely eliminated. With a much smaller need to triage false it gives you time to find leads that can accelerate your discovery.


With the ATPase assay kit available from Bellbrook Labs, you don’t have to concern yourself with needing different materials for each ATPase enzyme. Instead, it is universal and can be used for nearly anything, including targets proving to be especially difficult. With these assays, you can stay ahead of the pack when it comes to identifying targets that may only be emerging now.

Capable of Kinetic Mode

These ATPase assays can be used during kinetic mode, which makes it especially versatile. Many endpoint assays methods do not have this ability. With these assays, you can easily measure an inhibitor’s residence times using a biochemical assay. This gives you the best chance of determining which leads are most likely to become drugs.

Lower Quantity of Enzyme Required

With the high affinity associated with the ADP antibody, there is a higher potential for detection of ADP down to 10nM and with Z’ values of over 0.7. This means that you need to use only a limited amount of an enzyme, which will end up saving you money especially for large screens.

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