The Beauty Of Marble Countertops

For a classic, beautiful and elegant look in a bathroom or kitchen in any Maple Grove, MN home it is very hard to trump the look of marble. These counters have a natural glow and sheen that instantly gives a look of sophistication, but that also matches with a streamlined, minimalist look or a more rustic Americana décor.

The beauty of marble countertops is that they are so versatile. The key is in finding the right color and pattern in marble to match with your cupboards, flooring and colors of choice. When shopping with a quality natural stone company you should not have any difficulty in finding the perfect match.

To help you to get started, here are some very popular options in marble countertops that will go with various kitchen and bathroom looks. It is also possible to use more than one type of marble in the design, which can be used to draw attention to a specific feature or element for a very unique look.

Carrara, Calacatta and Cappuccino

When most people think of marble the think of the white Carrara marble. This is not always a true white and may have a slightly blue or blue-gray color with slight gray veining. This is the marble most often used for sculpture, but it is also a great option for a kitchen or bathroom countertop.

It is actually named after the only location where it is quarried. It is just outside of the city of Carrara which is located in the Tuscany region of Italy. There is also another type of marble quarried in the same area known as Calacatta. It has the same coloring, but with more substantial veining that is much more prominent in the overall pattern of the marble. Calacatta can also have gold in the pattern, making it a wonderful option with wood.

Cappuccino is a very different looking option for marble countertops. It has a gray, brown, cream, white and black pattern that seems to swirl through the depths of the stone. It is very dramatic looking and is a perfect option when you really want the countertop to stand out. This looks amazing with white, black and chrome in either a bathroom or a kitchen.

There are other options in marble as well. Gold colors, reds mixed with tans and soft browns and even darker brown, greens, black and blue colors are available. As marble is a natural stone each slab is slightly different and color variations are a part of what makes this such a popular option in Maple Grove, MN homes.


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