The Basics of Post Tensioning

If you are not a concrete buff, then you would have no reason to know anything about post tensioning or post tensioned cables. In the most basic terms, post-tensioning is a clever way in which concrete is reinforced in the midst of a building project. This will allow you to construct things that normally would not have been possible otherwise. Post tensioned cables play a vital role in the construction process and are a true innovation that has changes the way new buildings are constructed.

What does it do?

When post tensioned cables are used, it allows for a longer time span in between supports, thinner sections of concrete, stiff walls that will be able resist stiff foundations and lateral loads which will also resist the damaging effects of swelling and sinking soils. Concrete has strength that is compressive which means that it can bear its own weight within its own structure. As soon as live loads are used such as cars on a bridge, the concrete will sag or deflect which will make the concrete crack which will cause the structure to weaken. Post tensioning gives the concrete more flexibility and makes it safer for long-term use.

Why use it?

Post tensioning when used on bridges and other concrete structures provide additional flexibility and allow you to create more complex curves and grade changes. In a football stadium, post tensioning will give you clear spans and a unique approach when it comes to architecture.

Finding post tensioned cables in Houston, TX is not as hard as it sounds. Suncoast Post Tension is one company who can provide these cables for your next construction project. The benefits of using post tensioned cables outweighs the negatives for sure. Learning about the importance of them will help you to make a wise decision regarding your next construction project. Follow them on Facebook.


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