The Basics of Child Support in Florida

Now that you’ve hashed out the rest of your child custody arrangements, such as custody and visitation, there is typically one final matter to attend to child support. Naturally, this subject can be the trickiest to negotiate. One parent wants to be sure they receive enough money from month to month to ensure all the child’s needs are covered. The other parent wants to arrange for their payments to be affordable enough so they can keep up with their payments, as well as their own needs. How exactly does child support work in the state of Florida? This article will fill you in on the details.

Total Expenses

There are many costs that come into play when it comes to calculating child support. This can include how many children you(or the other parent will be paying for or may already be paying for, as well as the minimum payment amount that is expected by the state of Florida and the child’s individual needs, which typically encompass medical care, food, education and/or day care and shelter. The state of Florida specifically uses what is called an “Income Shares Model,” which calculates the combined amount the parents would need to care for their children if they were not separated. If you’re unsure how your specific case will be calculated, a child support attorney in Hollywood, FL, can help you reach an accurate estimate.

Parental Circumstances and Visitation

How often you visit with and care for your child on your own can also factor into your support payments. The non-custodial parent will receive a minimum of 73 overnight visits with their children each year. If you receive this number or more regarding visitation, this could lower your expected child support payments.

Your overall income can also affect how much you owe, especially if you earn minimum wage or lower. Talk with a child support attorney in Hollywood, FL, if you feel your current arrangement is in need of revision.

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