The Basics of Appeal Bonds in Johnson County, KS: What Are The Facts?

Federal court and every state court require an appeal bond of defendants wishing to appeal and stay a judgment. Appeal bond premiums range from 1.5 to five percent of the bond amount, but the bond amount must be the full amount of the judgment. Appeal bonds in Johnson County, KS, have a few additional twists. Here’s a quick rundown

Kansas Appeal Bond Amounts

Kansas law dictates that the appeal bond must be set at the full amount of the judgment. If the judgment exceeds $1,000,000, the bond must be $1,000,000 plus 25 percent of the amount in excess of $1,000,000. It’s important to discuss an appeal bond with a licensed appeal bond agent far in advance of filing an appeal. The bond must be presented within weeks of judgment in order to be valid.

The appeal bond ensures that the defendant is in fact able to cover a judgment previously set in a lower court. Since the defendant presents a surety bond, the appellate court also requires the defendant to front collateral equal to 100 percent of the judgment amount.

Viable collateral includes any item whose cash value can cover the judgment amount: houses, cars with titles and boats, for example. Collateral may or may not be used to cover the appeal bond premium.

Paying for an Appeal Bond Premium

Like any surety bond premium, the appeal bond premium is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. Different agents accept different payment forms, but cash, credit cards and checks are common.

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