The Advantages To A Falk Coupling

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services


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One of the unique things about operating industrial equipment in Texas is there is no guarantee about the weather. It is possible to have one hundred and ten plus days from the mid summer months through to fall and freezing cold with snow throughout the winter.

With all of these temperature variations across the state, industrial equipment operated outdoors has to be able to stand up to not just wear and tear but also to the extremes of the environment. For this reason, along with exceptional design and durability, the Falk coupling line has always been a popular choice.

Options to Consider

There are several different options in Falk coupling designs. These can include grid couplings, which are designed with two flanged hubs that are held together with a flexible, serpentine, mechanical grid. This will provide a strong, durable coupling that is resistant to misalignment and also provides vibration damping.

The Steelflex Falk coupling options offer a high torque and a large bore capacity for industrial use. They are also designed with a special lubrication system to extend service between the need to lubricate the coupling while also increasing the lifecycle and decreasing maintenance. This means virtually no maintenance when Falk Long Term Grease is used to insulate the grid coupling at the time of installation.

Low Cost

One of the reasons that these couplings are so much in demand in the industry is their relative low cost over other options on the market. They are also designed with a standard AGMA bolt pattern that allows these couplings a good replacement option for other gear coupling brands and options that may currently be in use on the equipment.

To compare the Falk grid coupling with other products, consider all the features and then compare the price. This is a top choice for industrial OEM and replacement parts across Texas for good reason.

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