The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Need Vinyl Siding Hammond? Today’s modern manufacturing techniques combines with high-tech vinyl materials have turned vinyl house siding into an exceptionally high-performing and versatile choice for cladding. In fact, it’s now chosen for over 32 percent of all new home construction, a trend that is only increasing over time. If you’re considering siding for your house, here are five advantages of vinyl house siding.

1. Vinyl House Siding is Versatile

Today’s, vinyl house siding is available in hundreds of profiles, shades, and textures to give you complete versatility in designing your dream home. Prefer the qualities of vinyl, but love the look of cedar shakes? You can find a vinyl replacement that looks authentic. You can find a vinyl house siding style that works with both vertical and horizontal applications for any home profile.

2. Overall Costs Are Much Lower

Generally, vinyl siding Hammond is extremely popular because it’s cost effective. Professionally installed wood house siding can cost you $6,000-$11,000, while professionally installed vinyl house siding can cost you between $3,000-$8,550 for 1, for the same square footage. Contact a

roofing company for a free estimate on vinyl house siding.

3. More Durable Than Other Materials

Vinyl house siding is made to withstand the elements, including impact from hail and heavy winds. Additionally, vinyl resists moisture, meaning it won’t corrode or rot over time. In some cases, you can get a lifetime warranty on your vinyl house siding that is prorated for up to 50 years. Contact roofing company if you have questions about vinyl siding.

Prepare your roof for severe weather! If you need Vinyl siding in Hammond, call Gluth Brothers Roofing to schedule a roofing inspection. We are the #1 roofing company in Indiana!


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