The Advantages of Using Wooden Tiles for Your Acoustic Solutions

The Advantages of Using Wooden Tiles for Your Acoustical Solutions
If you are looking for the best solution for your acoustic needs, you probably need to look no further than using wooden acoustical tiles. These types of tiles are widely known to deliver the very best in sound control. Here are a few of the benefits of using this material versus using any other material.

Sound Proof

The most obvious benefit of installing acoustic panels is they soundproof any room that they are placed in. They do this by absorbing the sound waves and dissipating them so that they cannot be heard by the human ear. They also work to prevent echoes from bouncing around the room.


With wooden acoustical panels, you can completely customize them to fit the room in which they are being installed. They can be cut and fabricated into literally any design that works best for you.


The very nature of the wood means it has the ability to look stylish without being overbearing. While installing the panels at home may allow for “louder” designs, if you are installing panels in a business, you’ll want something more understated.

Cost Effective

Wooden panels are not only a better-looking design than other materials, but they are more economical as well. You’ll get all of the functionality that you need without breaking your budget.

If you need the very best in wooden acoustical tiles, check out the fine selection that can only be found from Rulon International at They’ll have something that suits your taste and budget.


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