The Advantages Of Having A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Rockwall, TX

If you find yourself facing a serious criminal charge such as a felony or a DWI, you need to have representation in your corner that will, hopefully, shorten or eliminate your jail time altogether. This is why you should hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX, instead of trying to represent yourself in court. Yes, it is perfectly legal to act as your own defense in court, but this method of defense is strongly discouraged. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of criminal defense laws and how they pertain to your case, you are likely to lose your case to the far more experienced lawyers representing the state. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX, will fight to keep you out of jail, and also try to get you the absolute best deal they can.

It is important you find representation to help deal with the serious legal trouble you might find yourself in. No one can afford to serve time in jail, and very few employers are just going to hold your spot open for you and wait for you to get out of jail. You still need to bring money in to help your family pay its bills, and this is one of the best reasons to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Another good reason to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer is the fact they can explain what your legal rights are, and how to use them to your advantage. Criminal lawyers will use their knowledge of the events surrounding your case and any witnesses that they may call to get the state to offer you a deal so you don’t have to serve jail time.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer is the best thing you can do if you find yourself in a very tough legal situation. They will work hard and accompany you to all court proceedings to help you feel more comfortable with the situation. They will keep you informed of everything going on in language you can understand. There is even a possibility that, depending on the type of charge, they can get your sentence deferred to some type of program, which can keep you out of jail and get you back home to your family. Contact a criminal defense lawyer today. To know more contact Law Office of Tim Hartley.


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