The Advantages Of A Medical Cart With Drawers

In today’s busy hospital and clinical settings, have the right equipment for the task at hand is always important. It is also essential to have equipment that serves more than one role or function, particularly when it comes to medical carts.

Medical carts are a great example of a highly flexible, versatile, and efficient piece of equipment. By choosing a design that offers a medical cart with drawers, the staff can use the top of the cart for the monitors, keyboards, and equipment while the locking drawers can be used to safely store additional equipment, medical devices, notes or any other options. Additional storage in exterior baskets for non-confidential paperwork or items provides even greater onboard storage.

What to Consider

When looking at the different options in a medical cart with drawers, the options for configurations of the drawers should be a priority. This allows the cart to be modified for different equipment for use in a wide variety of treatment environments.

Locking drawers will also be a very important consideration, particularly in busy hospital and clinic settings. The drawers should lock individually and not a full set, limiting any access by those not authorized. Some of the top brands have a design that ensures that an unlocked draw doesn’t close completely flush with the surface of the cart, providing a clear visual signal that it is unlocked.

Of course, user codes for use is also a crucial factor. This allows for tracking of access to the cart as well as boosts security. Some models may even offer a proximity card option, which allows quick access to the medical cart with drawers by staff.

Additionally, consider the stability, the mobility and the added features of the cart when selecting. Keep in mind that low weight and easy to push or pull designs are always a consideration as well.

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