The Advantage Of Hiring National Moving Companies For All Residential Moves

When you have to move your home there are two basic types of moving companies in the Nashville area, or in any major urban city. The first will be small, often family-owned or small business types of moving companies, and the second will be larger national moving companies.

It is essential to keep in mind that national moving companies are licensed to complete interstate moves, but they also can provide intrastate moves, also known as local moves. Typically, interstate moves, which include cross a border between states, are considered long distance moves.

There are several advantages of using national moving companies over the small one and two truck moving companies offering moving services. By understanding the differences and comparing costs and services between the two you can make your own decision.

Experience and Expertise

Moving long distance or even moving across town poses a risk for your possessions to be damaged or even destroyed if moving companies don’t supply experienced, trained and professional movers.

When hiring national moving companies with vetted and background checked employees who have completed training or been trained on the job, you have the advantage of top movers on the job.

With long distance moves, national moving companies will have offices or crews available that are likewise checked and vetted in your destination location. Typically with the small local companies, the driver accompanies the load and then hires day laborers at the destination, which means they may or may not have moving experience.

Trucks and Equipment

The big national moving companies have fleets of trucks and all the equipment needed to complete moves both big and small. With a greater number of trucks, crews and supplies they are more flexible about move dates.

For LTL or less than load types of moves, the big companies also have a shorter window of time to get your items to the destination locations. With smaller companies it may take longer to fill a truck and move it to the more remote areas of the country.

Finally, with national moving companies, you have the backing of the company for issues such as claims processing, support before and during the move, and even the ability to use tracking on your load to know when you can expect your Nashville shipment to arrive at the new house.


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