The Advantage of CDL Training Schools for a Recent High School Graduate

At first, it can feel discouraging for a young person to learn about federal age requirements for long-haul truckers. Only individuals age 21 and older are allowed to travel across state lines in the occupation of a truck driver. What’s a high school graduate supposed to do in the meantime? One smart option would be to acquire a Class B commercial driver’s license after completing education and practice at one of the CDL Training Schools. This type of license allows the person to drive a variety of heavy trucks and get plenty of experience before becoming an over-the-road trucker at age 21.

At one of the CDL Training Schools, the student completes all the work necessary to pass the written exam and the road test, as well as the truck inspection test required to obtain a CDL. The person now can apply for jobs with companies such as delivery services, warehouses, roll-off bin services, and sand and gravel transport. A wealth of experience can be gained while working for these facilities. The individual hones skills and becomes entirely confident about maneuvering large vehicles in different situations.

The competitive edge this experience provides is substantial. After the individual reaches age 21, he or she already has about three years of driving experience to list on the resume. All of this came about because of completing training right after high school with an organization such as Company Name. By now, the person’s goals might even have changed. There may be more attraction in working within the immediate area and continuing in a career in package delivery or as a dump truck driver. Sand and gravel transport companies, in particular, are always looking for workers, since road construction and renovation never stops, even during a recession.

For every individual who feels this way, there is likely another one who can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a big rig and take off for other parts of the country. It can be difficult for novice drivers to get a job with long-haul trucking companies. However, someone who has held a CDL for three or more years catches the attention of these organizations and rises toward the top of the candidacy list.

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