The Advantage Of Baldor Electric Motors For Texas Industries

When it comes to AC and DC motors for industrial types of equipment and operations, Baldor is one of the most recognized brands. Offering a top line of three phase electric motors, this company is now known as ABB and continues to operate out of headquarters in Fort Smith, AR, and have production facilities across the US as well as in Canada.

In addition to Texas companies taking advantage of the wide range of Baldor electric motors, they also use the company’s mechanical power transmission components as well as their industrial generators.

General Use Electric Motors

The company offers a large selection of general use or general-purpose Baldor electric motors, and they also offer customized features and options. The motors range in horsepower from small one and a half horsepower electric motors through to 1500 horsepower industrial motors.

The company offers a range of different types of enclosures, including totally enclosed motors that include drip-proof construction. These motors meet all NEMA Standards required in most industrial applications. With the option to add features to the motor to meet any specific requirements, as well as the variety in enclosures, frames and mounting options, they can be used in any application and operation.

Options Available for Texas Companies

In addition, there are severe duty, washdown duty, and explosion proof AC Baldor electric motors on the market. The DC line of motors includes fractional and integral motors, as well as permanent magnet DC motors, all which offer the option of a design for explosion proof and specialized types of applications.

One of the key features of all the types and models of electric motors offered by Baldor is a focus on energy efficient operation and low-maintenance requirements. This ensures that the motor has the ability to work continuously and also offers the lowest possible operating cost over both short-term and long-term operation.


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