Teenagers and Sleep

Today’s teenagers need more sleep than they are currently getting. Vital to your overall health, teens can benefit greatly in school and in everyday life with adequate amounts of sleep. You should ensure your teenager is meeting the minimum sleep requirements nightly at the very least.

Welcoming Home Environment

Your teenager should be getting around 8-10 hours of sleep each night for proper body function and health. In order to attain this goal, your home surroundings should be conducive to a good night’s rest. Your teenager’s bedroom should be free of lights and noises when it is bedtime. Any harsh sounds and lights can have an ill effect on the quality of sleep received each night.

In addition, your teenager should be sleeping on a quality mattress free of any obvious wear and tear. If it is time to change mattresses, look for one that will provide your teen with the most benefits. Buying a Serta in Jackson, MS is a great choice in mattress. As a rule of thumb, mattresses should be changed on average every 8-10 years.

Homework Management

Make sure your teenager is doing homework at reasonable hours during the day and early evening. Completing homework late into the night can cause irregular sleeping patterns and a dramatic lack of sleep. Both you and your teen should come up with a schedule that gives the optimal time to do homework while allowing time to unwind and also get enough sleep. It may take some time to get the perfect schedule, but with a little effort, it is attainable.


Your teen should be involved in some sort of extra-curricular or after school physical activity daily. Proper exercise can help set a pattern of good health and sleep. The extra activity can help to reduce night time stimulation and the post-workout effect helps you to relax your body and prepare for sleep. Exercising should not be done too late in the day, however, as that can have an opposite effect on your sleep.

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