Technicians Who Provide Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma Find Many Problematic Items

After a few years of experience, technicians are rarely surprised anymore by what they find when they do Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma. The first step for an underground tank is to dig until they reach the lid, then open the lid to see how full the tank is and whether it contains anything that should be mentioned to the property owners. People can avoid the need for emergency service, frequent pumping and septic system failure by treating that system with respect.

Some Things Shouldn’t Be Flushed

Practically everything that shouldn’t wind up in a septic tank also shouldn’t be drained or flushed into a municipal wastewater treatment system. However, it’s easier to get away with this when everything isn’t trapped in an underground tank right on the property.

Technicians who perform Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma commonly find tampons and even plastic tampon holders, cotton swabs, sanitary wipes and dental floss floating on the surface. They see clumps of hair that haven’t been caught with a shower strainer because nobody bothers to use one. They notice evidence that cooking oil is poured into drains.

Signs of Problematic Behavior

Some objects sink to the bottom of the tank, but technicians may still see signs of problematic behavior among household residents and their guests. They also assume the problem is worse than what they are able to view. For instance, some hair floating on the top of the liquid in the tank may indicate an enormous supply of hair on the bottom. Not only do people not understand the importance of keeping hair out of the shower drain, men are likely to shave over a bathroom sink and then simply wash the whiskers down the drain.

Habits Can Cause Serious Issues

Technicians from a company such as A Advanced Septic & Construction Services are probably familiar with the sight of many other items in the tank. Cigarette butts and used condoms are examples. Cotton balls and paper towels may be in there too. People figure that pitching a cigarette butt into the toilet now and then can’t cause any harm, but habitually flushing various things out of convenience can lead to serious issues.

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