Technical Tricks For Navigating the Rough Path to All the Right Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles

The sprawling and grand metropolis of Los Angeles has enough potential customers to keep a restaurant open for hundreds of years. Getting over the first few obstacles can cause even the sanest person to quit in frustration. There is no one restaurant permit. There is a collection of Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles that all new food businesses need to accumulate to legally operate in the city. Below are few clear technical tips for making the best of the necessary obstacle of getting the right permits.

Parking and Logistics

Parking needs to be mentioned because it often goes completely forgotten. It is also an issue that could cause a major setback. There needs to be a viable amount of parking space. If not, the entire project could be postponed indefinitely and even canceled altogether. Settle the parking matter upfront by getting a documented business plot layout. The parking room must be validated to the permitting firm.

Retail to Food

Any restaurant being converted from a retail space must apply for a Change of Use Permit. This is similar to a conditional use permit. A conditional use permit states that the property will be used for different purposes, perhaps on a seasonal basis. The former documentation is easier to apply for. The change will be generally permanent, so the state will approve it rather quickly.

The bathrooms are another essential component to the puzzle. Bathrooms in Los Angeles need to go through what is called an ADA access (handicap access, general easy accessibility). The bathrooms need to be positioned in the right way, so spaces hidden away in a corner and against a tight wall will not be approved. The issue can be handled with a quick sign-off, and does not require separate Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles. Regardless, it a sign-off that often falls in the cracks until the deadline closes in.

Browse our website for more on getting around the technical aspects of creating a restaurant business from the ground up. All these obstacles are important. They are keeping potential competition out, so only the most determined and the best survive the process. Consider hiring a permitting team to handle the administrative organization of all these small details.


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