Taking care of your stucco exterior

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see and keeping it well maintained and fresh looking is important; not just for aesthetics, but to make it last longer as well. If your home is more than 10 years old, though, you may need to have your exterior repaired, even if you’ve followed a strict maintenance schedule. Stucco repair in West Chester PA will ensure the return of your home’s luster and brilliance. In between repairs, though, it’s important to follow certain maintenance tips. Here are a few of them:

*Keep irrigations systems away: Make sure eaves troughs are pointed away from the exterior walls so water will run in the opposite direction of your home. This includes sprinkler systems – keep them away from the walls of your home.

*Wash your exterior several times a year: Wet the exterior with your garden hose, being careful to use too much pressure or get too close to the surface, as this could cause damage such as chipping.

*Use mild detergent: Don’t use anything too harsh to wash with. Most experts recommend a mild solution of trisodium phosphate. This is available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You may have to use a brush to get rid of dirt that is closer to the ground.

*Rinse well: Once the surface has been cleaned, rinse well with the garden hose.

To get rid of efflorescence (the white powdery substance that forms on stucco exteriors), use white vinegar instead of cleansers and rinse well. Also, be careful about the use of ‘climbing’ plants like ivy that grow on the exterior as this could cause chipping and long-term damage to your stucco.

If you maintain and clean your stucco at least twice a year (spring and fall) the need for repairs will be minimized. If you do need help, find a stucco repair West Chester PA company that is reputable and experienced.

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