Taking Care of Hardwood Floors in Minneapolis MN

There is no doubt that Hardwood Floors in Minneapolis MN add a great deal to the look and feel of any room. To ensure the floors always look their best, it pays to invest a little time in learning how to care for them properly. Here are a few tips that will help. Remove Dirt and Grime Regularly Tiny particles of dirt can increase the amount of scratching that occurs on the surface of the flooring.

To minimize this type of activity, make sure to use a vacuum that is designed for use on Hardwood Floors in Minneapolis MN. While brooms are fine for floors that are painted, they are not the best choice for stained wood floors. Determine the number of times based on the amount of activity that takes place in the home. For example, running the sweeper over the floor daily may be necessary when there are kids in the home, or during seasons when people are more likely to track in dirt from outside. Invest in Felt Contacts for Furniture Legs Attempting to move heavier pieces of furniture increase the chances of damaging hardwood flooring. A good move is to purchase felt contacts that can be applied to the tip of each furniture leg. The felt acts as a buffer and protects the floor from scratches. Use the felt contacts for lighter pieces that are moved frequently.

They are ideal for use with dining room chairs. Even if an area rug is used for the area under and around the table, having the contacts in place protects the floor in the event someone should accidentally move a chair backwards and off the edge of the rug. Reseal the Floor Annually At least once a year, have a professional come in, strip off the old layer of sealant, and apply a new one. While it will take a day or two for the floor to completely dry, the sealant will go a long way in preventing stains from developing. In terms of general cleanup, cleaning up food spills and other materials is much faster and easier when the floor is properly sealed. For more ideas choosing and caring for hardwood floors, Visit Website and check out the many ideas found there. After learning more about these types of floors, many people will decide that hardwood is the perfect alternative to other types of flooring.


Hardwood Floors in Minneapolis MN



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