In the early ages, the care for the old and disabled was not a concern for the government rather it was the duty of the families to take care of their own. However, there were many shortcomings in this method such as not all families were financially stable and therefore it would cause a lot of strain into the meagre funds that they did have. The government, therefore, developed a platform whereby one would contribute a certain amount of money to fund as they worked and during their retirement they would start receiving the money, which eased the financial pressure on their families as it eliminated full dependence, thanks to Social security in Northport.

How social security works

* It is a requirement for all citizens and non-citizens that are working in the USA to have a social security number.

* Application can be done online but is advisable to acquire the services of a lawyer to advice on the program that best suits your needs.

* The individual makes contributions into the fund during their tenure of work.

* On reaching the set retirement age, payout is given to the retiree although it varies depending on the contributions that one made during their work tenure.

* The children as well as the spouse of the contributor are also included in the benefits program in the event of sickness or death.

Benefits of Social Security

* One can continue receiving money after retirement and, therefore, reduces dependence.

* Insurance is guaranteed in the event that one, unfortunately, becomes disabled or their children encounter disability before the age of 22.

* In the event of death, the family of the deceased is still taken care of under the survivor benefits in the program.

* Medical benefits are also included in the program though under Medicare.

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